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Buy NowAfter crisscrossing the globe for many years I have learned a good deal about people, sports, competitiveness,…and satisfaction in life. Rather seems to me that there are not many thrills in life which surpass that of real accomplishment. Accomplishment means many things to many people but to me it means making sacrifices to achieve a goal whether it is an individual accomplishment or that of a team.

TEAM ACCOMPLISHMENTS have a different feel to them than individual accomplishments. In team enterprises the numerous people involved in the experience can look at each other knowing that this man or this woman stood shoulder to shoulder with me to defeat an opponent, shatter a time barrier, or climb a mountain or develop a business. There is a shared experience that only you and your team mates understand.

INDIVIDUAL ACCOMPLISHMENT provides enormous satisfaction and develops inner confidence. Others can gain great inspiration from watching someone achieve remarkable feats and can, in time, emulate that individual. The greatest example of this is the cadre of young players who have built a golf game modeled on the methods of Tiger Woods in his heyday.

Jeff Tipping Enterprises is an entity with various “Performance Divisions” established to give individuals and teams the opportunity to experience an enhanced competitive environment. JTE “Diamond Tournaments” is established as a fund raiser for clubs and a great player developmental model, JTE touring teams will play against outstanding international opponents, JTE educated soccer coaches will discover new and potent ways to develop winning players and teams, JTE Club services will improve club culture, coach, player and team development and JTE golfers will play the toughest golf courses Europe has to offer.

Welcome to Jeff Tipping Enterprises. I am sure we can provide you a most agreeable experience.


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"The Coach Is The Most Important Person In Football"

I read with great interest the recently completed U.S. Soccer Curriculum – the proposed way forward for soccer in the USA.  The author, former national team captain, Claudio Reyna, provides a template for the development of players.

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Transition in the Modern Game

Gerard Houllier, former coach of Lyon, Liverpool and Aston Villa says that “The most important moment in the modern game is when the ball is won or lost.”  Houllier is referring to the moment of interception of a pass, a goalkeeper’s save, a tackle in free play, or the ball going out of bounds. 

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Liverpool Reserves v USMNT U/20s Report

The US Men’s U/20 National Team trained at the Liverpool FC Academy prior to their participation in the Northern Ireland Milk Cup where they were to meet Denmark and Turkey in group play.

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